Surveillance Operations

Discreet observation can quickly lead to a beneficial resolution.

Often, what is ultimately needed is insight into what is truly happening. Time and again – surveillance proves to be an extremely powerful tool in that quest via direct observation and documentation of what is going on. Our investigations begin by collecting as much information as possible on the subject(s). This is essential in planning out a fruitful surveillance investigation and is often skimped on. Once we know more about someone’s habits, hobbies, frequented locations, people they associate with, etc… we use that insight to maximize results in the field.

There are various situations when surveillance is critical including –

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Infidelity
  • Cohabitation
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

Insurance Fraud

Surveillance is often the best defense when there are red flags that a claimant may be stretching the truth or outright lying about an injury. It is hard for someone to state they cannot do something when there is video evidence showing the contrary. Billions and billions of dollars are paid out to fraudulent claims each year and we strive to help offset that so insurance companies can focus their resources on those who really need it.

Custody Issues

Sadly, too often a child is put at risk by a parent or guardian’s decisions and proof is needed to facilitate a change. With surveillance, we make great efforts to get some insight into how things are when people think no one is watching.


Though Minnesota is a no-fault state in reference to divorce, that does not change the fact that no one likes to deal with betrayal. If you just need to know or want to validate your suspicions, we can conduct surveillance to help.


Would it be beneficial to prove that your ex-spouse is now cohabitating with someone else? Surveillance can definitely help here.


Sometimes due to the time of day, location or the manner of vandalism, it is beneficial to have an investigator on site to document things, find out more about the perpetrators or to alert law enforcement.


Like with vandalism, sometimes it is best to have someone on site conducting surveillance when another theft is anticipated. We can document what happens and alert law enforcement.