Process Service

Quick and efficient delivery of legal documents.

Due Process

With civil and criminal procedure, a defending litigant must be informed when legal action is taken against them and part of that is done through process service. Due process prevents legal action against a person unless the person has been given notice and an opportunity to respond.

Not Always as Simple as it Should be

Sometimes people would rather avoid going to court in fear of getting into trouble or having to pay. These people mistakenly believe that they can avoid the litigation process by avoiding being served papers. They may hide, skip town or just refuse to accept papers. If things prove difficult, we can use skip tracing, surveillance and other creative tools to locate and serve the subject.

Why Use a Private Investigator?

Each state has specific rules as to how the papers must be served and using a professional can mitigate issues by making sure service is handled appropriately. We can provide an affidavit or even video proof that they were served.