Background Checks

Are they who they claim to be?

We can help verify that a person or business is who or what they say they are. Or… who or what you fear they are. There are many instances that may warrant a background investigation including new employees, tenants, business partners, vendors or clients. It can also be useful prior to marriage. It is obviously beneficial to know if someone has a past that puts you or your business at risk.

Some common aspects that are desired in a background report –

  • Criminal Record
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Licenses and/or Professional Organization Memberships
  • Residence History
  • Civil Judgements
There are various degrees of depth for a background check. An employer, a landlord and a government agency may all have different levels of information needed. During our consultation, we will give a free estimate for what you are looking for. Mind you – most of those cheap advertised background checks you see online are misleading. They are low level automatic searches, most often have old data and are obviously very incomplete. A lot more goes into a good background check. Depending on the state, a good portion of available data can only be accessed by physically searching and pulling records at the appropriate courthouse(s).