Skip Tracing/Missing Persons

Finding people who do not want to be found or are missing

Skip Tracing

The process of locating someone who is often intentionally difficult to find. Using investigative experience, industry databases and open source intelligence, we can track down a subject. This can be simple or it can involve quite a hunt and possibly field work, surveillance, interviews, background checks and/or neighborhood canvassing. There are many situations where this service is useful. Too often, a legal process is held up until someone is found. Listed to the right are some examples of common issues where we can help.

Missing Persons Investigations

Sometimes you are looking for someone who isn’t intentionally difficult to find. Maybe they just don’t know you are looking for them and you don’t know how to make contact. Perhaps they are lost or are missing due to nefarious reasons. Examples are finding family members, friends or locating someone in reference to an inheritance or about assets they don’t know about. We can help in these situations with some stipulations.
  • Debt Collection
  • People who have missed a court appearance
  • People who have skipped bail
  • Locating people to serve legal documents
  • Child support enforcement
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