Helping you confirm or ease your suspicions

Betrayal is a horrible thing and so is feeling suspicious of someone you care about. The statistics on cheating varies greatly; however, one thing seems to span all of those studies and polls – infidelity is not uncommon. Maybe you are here because you have had some alarm bells ringing for some time now and you would like to know as much of the truth as you can.

Why use our professional investigators?

Honestly, trying to investigate these things yourself can be extremely emotionally and physically exhausting. Though unintentional, your efforts to uncover the truth yourself often makes things more difficult by causing your partner to become defensive and more vigilant in keeping their secrets secret. We want your partner comfortable and brazen so they carry on like no one is interested in what they are up to. That way we can get you the information you are seeking quickly and efficiently. We are impartial, not emotionally invested and have done this many, many times. Our investigators will guide you and work towards getting the truth using whatever tools and techniques are needed including surveillance, social media investigations and covert cameras.