Insurance Fraud Investigation

Mitigating financial loses caused by inflated or false claims

Insurance Fraud basically comes down to unethical people being deceitful for personal gain. This is a diffuse and pervasive problem that costs billions and billions of dollars each year. There are estimates that due to fraudulent claims, the average American household pays an extra $950 a year in premiums.

There are multiple categories where insurance companies are defrauded including –

  • Personal Injury/Workers’ Compensation
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Home Insurance
  • Loss of Life/Life Insurance
  • Burglary and Theft

Sadly, this will likely continue to be a problem, but we are here to help. Our investigators have many years of experience dealing with these issues. We can help in various ways including conducting surveillance to verify claims or check red flags, providing background checks, conducting social media investigations, searching for previous claims or accidents and interviewing witnesses.